WOD: 6-4-13

GS:  12 min AMRAP of:


30 second Hollow Rock
10 Push Ups
12 Ring Rows (feet as far in front of rings as possible)


8 Strict Toes to Bar (arms and legs straight)
10 Alternating Arm Medicine Ball Push Ups
12 Ring Rows (feet on bench or box)

WOD L1: 5 rounds for time:

12 Power Cleans (95/65)
12 Burpees

1 min rest between rounds

WOD L2: 5 rounds for time:

12 Burpees
6 Power Cleans (205/125)

1 min rest between rounds



Pick your level on the GS (gymnastics strength) based on your capacity to manage the skills.  You can pick and choose from each level, but the idea would be to be able to do a move perfectly well before you move on.  Getting good at something basic,  before overwhelming yourself with more difficult movements, will be the fastest way to make progress.   Please note that the time spent doing the GS is to achieve strength in correct positions so that this can be transferred to the other things.  Think along the lines of a good Handstand Hold being the same position as the end of your 1RM Push Jerk.  Along with the difference in levels of the GS, the L1 and L2 workouts will also become more and more different.  Today’s workout, as an example, will have those doing the L2 perform their Burpees before their Power Cleans (unlike the L1).  As a heads up and a warning to all, there will be L2 workouts where you will only be allowed to do them if you can do them Rx.  This may be an unpopular decision, but it is being done for the right reasons.  More often than not we see that an ego can stand in the way of your advancing, so we will gladly be the ones to take care of that problem for you.

With most of the love in my heart, 



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